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Coucou Anne by Musettes

Musette is by far my favorite musician of the month. With his 2009 album stuck in my iTunes and his upcoming record with few samples here and there Musette has me intrigued. His first record called “Datum” and promotional collection “Carefully Collected Cassette Tapes” (free to download here) gets me into sort of a dreamy state whenever played. Records in “Carefully Collected Cassette Tapes” were carefully recorded in cassette tapes and eventually became “Datum”, which in itself deserves praise. The releasing label The Thunderclown describes the album as follows:

Wuzak by Musettes

"Patiently written down dates, noted with a piano and carefully collected on cassette tapes, one by one. An assiduous attempt to keep books of time, to sketch the events, the landscapes and neighborhoods with melodies and recordings of sound. For several years Joel Danell has been writing songs on a piano, all given the names of dates as if they were diary notes. The kind of notes where the writing, more than the words themselves, recounts for the moment of them being written: times of accumulation where the letters stand close to each other and reach far into the margin, moments of pensiveness where lines have been crossed out and others have been added and moments of excitement where the letters have gained in size and defied the ruling of the sheet.

"Datum" is the retelling of these notes with the help of violin, whistling, guitar, accordion and Dobro, recorded in Blackeberg January 2008. Pieces that recount for an otherwise forgotten day in April, that describe the vie from a balcony in a Stockholm suburb in late October, that is a remembrance of the rushing bicycle and the passing landscape in the beginning of June."

Little Elvis by Musettes

And I could not have said any better. All these background noises and hissing noise of the tapes, reminds me of French cinema. Even if that is not true, it still has that feeling of background music for spring strolls in an old town, and old movie scores. Now Musette is back with some new recordings. His new album is called “Drape Myself In Velvet” and should come out this autumn. It has a bit different feeling to it but still is definitely Musette, with a bit more whistling and hazy dreamy tunes. “Coucou Anne” is a leading single of the new album so far and it has the exact amount of new and old Musette which is pretty darn good. “Wuzak”, “Little Elvis” and “Tempelhof” just ads to all that Musette goodness.

Tempelhof by Musettes

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