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Cars and their body parts have been used in interior decoration for decades. You wont see that very often but it has its own appeal. The use of this old Jaguar, thought, is something I have never seen. Striped from its engine and some other parts the Jag is pinned to the kitchen wall in this stunning house in Dutch nature reserve to become a bookshelf and a cupboard. Does it suit the interior of the house? I can’t really tell, but it definitely gets the attention. It took me some time to make sure if its real and to erase that stupid fascinated grin from my face. A Jag converted into a bookshelf? Hell, yes!

The house or the Dutch Mountain, as it is called, was designed by Amsterdam design studio Denieuwegeneratie and built in a Dutch nature reserve. I have no clue, who is behind the Jag bookshelf idea, but more pictures of the house and its interior can be found on Dezeen and Denieuwegeneratie website. Sadly enough these two photos of the car bookshelf are the only two I could find.

Smooth Yeti

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